About me

I am 24 years old, was born and live in Germany and I am a Programmer. I mainly do Full-Stack Webdevelopment as a hobby and as a job, but I like to dip my feet in cold water as well, and explore all kinds of interesting topics. Over the years I have fun done projects in C++, C#, Bash, Squirrel, NodeJS, HTML/CSS/JS/PHP and more, doing all sorts of things.

A couple years back I explored Anti Virus Evasion and am also quite interested in game hacking to learn more about x86 Assembler, Reverse Enginnering and Security in general. Always fun to see how changing two instructions can mess up a whole game.

Additionally, I am a huge Linux fan and have used Linux based Operating Systems for quite some time now. I was running at least one virtual private server for the last 5 years at any given time. My go-to distro is Debian stable for servers and Debian sid/unstable for my Desktop. But I also used k1ss.org, Arch Linux, Manjaro, Ubuntu and Fedora in the past.

Furthermore, I have put a lot of time into my research regarding Anti-Censorship methods. The articles that came out of that can be found on this blog.

Currently I am focussing on reading up on Android. More specifically Android Security.

I currently work as a PHP Developer. It gets the job done and so do I.

You can write me a mail. I am NOT on telegram anymore!

Have a nice day!